Let us help you find the right solutions for your business.


Let us work with you to design the solution and make sure all of the pieces fit.

implementation & Integration

Let us do the heavy lifting  to bring it all together.


Let us be the first call you make when you need help.

A few things we’re great at

We work hard every day to ensure we stay current with technologies and trends in the Open Source and general technology sectors overall.  These are just a sample of some of our capabilities.


IP Telephony is the way of the future and we have partnered with the best to ensure we can provide our customers with the technology and Unified Communications infrastructure required to make the move from legacy telecom solutions. IP PBX solutions, phones, and devices.


In an insecure world it is more important that ever to ensure that the security posture of your organization is top of the list.  We can work with you to create and implement security policies and tools to ensure your company is protected from they constantly evolving threat landscape.

web sites & applications

Every company needs a website.  The online presence you project to your potential customers and partners is critical to the success of your company.  Let us help design, build, implement, secure, and optimize your online presence.

IT Outsourcing

Finding and affording IT staff can be a challenge in today’s market.  Let us take the load off.  Whether it’s desktop support, cloud migration/optimization, email, application support or just a general support contract that aligns with your company’s needs, we can help.

The secret of success

Customer first approach is the best way to describe our success. We work with you to understand you needs and find solutions and work for you.

Open source

Although we can direct you towards and support you with commercial solutions or roots are in the open source community.  Our beleif is that there is an open source solution to every challenge.


We believe that every customer engagement is a journey that starts with us listening and understanding your issues.  Once we do that we can work colaboratively with you to design and implement the best solutions for your organization.


Agile or waterfall we know how to manage projects and work with you and your team to ensure communciation is clear, concise,  and frequent using all of the tools at our disposal. 

detail oriented

The devil is in the details and we are sticklers for paying attention to the details.  It’s the little things that can be easily overlooked and cause larger problems down the road.

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