The market continues to grow as do the applications to fill it.  There is definitely no slowing in the trend of new applications.  The current download count on Sourceforge for today (Check the calendar and the post time it’s a Sunday afternoon) is over 4 million.  The code commits over 3 thousand.  Every day more and more applications are popping up and the ones we have grown to know so well continue to mature.  Some of the more mature have even developed some very strong commercial side offerings based on the Open Source code.

So as the new year moves on I sit here on my Ubuntu 11.10 laptop in my favorite Starbucks sipping my favorite beverage of choice while listening to all of my favorite tunes on my Banshee music player after which I will go home and prop my feet up in my recliner and watch all of my favorite old TV shows streamed from my media server to my XBMC Beta 11 box in my living room controlled by an remote application on my Motorola Xoom Android tablet where I can also surf the web on Chrome or Firefox and of course I can’t forget making calls or texting or one of the other many things I can do with my Motorola Razr Android phone I challenge each of you to look at all the things that Open Source solutions provide for you.  Open Source continues to penetrate our lives and will continue to do so in the new year so keep your eyes open because I believe that this year will be a record year for Open Source and I am excited to be along for the ride.



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