It’s not something you hear every day.  An organization or part of a software or item may be open source but generally there are still some parts of it that require a proprietary driver, CMOS, gadget, and/or other doodad to make the whole thing work.  I ran across an article today however, that impressed me (not an easy task).  It was talking about the Libreboot project which has created an open source BOIS or UEFI replacement.  This was one of the last bastions of proprietary code out there.  You could run a Linux box but you were still dependent on a proprietary BIOS (insert your most despised vendor name here) that were written mainly to support a single mainstream operating system.  Sure we Linux users have been thrown the occasional bone now and then but it’s rare.  One step further down the road and the Libreboot C201 from Minifree is born that now offers a true boot time to shutdown open source experience with no proprietary code out of box. Of course it’s Debian under the hood so you can surely find proprietary things to put on it should you choose but with the growing list of applications and code for Linux distributions in general it’s probably not really necessary.  As someone who has been a Linux user for a couple of decades now I cannot fathom why people continue to beat their heads against the wall with the two big industry players and pay the money they do for what is generally substandard software.  Not to say Linux is perfect, before all of you fan boys and girls come out of the woodwork, there just seem to be fewer problems in general.   I was once told a long time ago very early in my career in IT that no one would ever get fired for buying a big name networking companies products.  I think the same has become true with mainstream software over the years.  It’s not that it’s better in any way shape or form but someone was told they would never get fired for buying it or it’s the only thing that will work for a certain job or skill.  This close minded approach stifles creativity and limits our abilities to make the next big leap in technology. So in parting, a question for the masses.  Would you rather continue to work and develop and live in the box that has been created for you or be freed to work and develop in whatever bounds you decided to create for yourself?  Don’t like a certain IDE?  Make a new better one.  Don’t like a certain programming language?  Make a better one.  Remember all that exists today does so because someone left their assigned box.

For those that will ask I am in no way associated with Minifee and gain no compensation for touting their products.  Also, at their asking price I see why many would continue to live with a proprietary BIOS.

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