Day 1 – Yesterday I chose to reduce my digital footprint for various personal and professional reasons. The main reason, however, was related to the amount of time spent and the health and lifestyle impacts. The personal realization that Facebook had become somewhat of an addiction. First thing in the morning when I rolled out of bed to the last thing I looked at before laying back down at night. I was becoming one of those people who had my face locked to my phone way too much. Reasoning aside, let’s get back to day one. The first thing this morning I reached for my phone and was instantly at a loss as to what to do with it when I didn’t see the Facebook icon. So I put the phone down, went and woke my daughter for school, let the dogs out for their morning constitutional, and made myself a cup of coffee. After that I turned on the local news and decided to chronicle the experience for all of you in the world who may be looking for somone with a first hand experience. Over the next 3O days I will attempt to share the experience with you as well as interesting tips on how to adjust, where to find the best replacement sources for news and entertainment, and more. I also will be happy to answer any questions posted related to this topic. For now, time to take the daughter to school and get on with my new socially unplugged existence.



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