Here at OSCGP we understand these a trying and difficult times for many people with the current health concerns over COVID-19.  We assure you we take the risks very seriously and have implemented all of the CDC guidelines for social distancing and all of our employees are currently working from their own homes in isolation to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our employees, our customers, and to the degree we can impact it, the public overall a bit more safe.

We also understand that this has changed the working paradigm at least temporarily if not long term for some companies and individuals.  With more people working from home around the world than every before it has become critical that remote workplace solutions and technologies that enable the mobile workforce are available and functional.  OSCGP understands this demand and can help weather it is through VOIP Unified Communications Platforms and associated devices or Universal Threat Management and VPN solutions, we have you covered.  We are able to drop ship many items to your employee locations pre-configured and ready to plug and play.  We also have a diverse workforce that can support all of your normal project needs remotely as well.

Reach out and talk with us and lets see how OSCGP can make you the hero in your organization!  All the best to everyone!

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