How can OSCGP help you?

We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the Open Source Community and the solutions being created. Because we do that we can help you to select a solution that will best fit your individual project and overall company needs. Our objective approach allows us to guide towards mature and proven solutions that guarantee success for your project.

For more information on using Open Source Software, be sure to read more about open source licensing or feel free to ask us a question.

In Business Since 2008

Open Source Consulting Group, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Bradley Jensen. Mr. Jensen has been involved in the IT and Telecommunications Industries for over three decades and has seen many changes to the overall landscape of these key industries. Early on he was introduced to the concept of Open Source Software.

Our purpose Upon deeper investigation and use the conclusion was reached that although Open Source Software was a sound concept it was missing cohesion in the service and delivery of these solutions which was the beginning of the concept for Open Source Consulting Group, Inc. Founding the company with the initial purpose to fill a market gap in the delivery and support as well as integration of these disparate and sometimes not well documented or supported solutions.

Our work Through growth of intellectual property and the creation of reusable objects it is the design of the company to develop full cost effective solutions built on Open Source Software and scale to provide full end to end life cycle management from design to delivery as well as on going support. In addition the company will focus on individual point solutions for clients in the SMB as well as the Enterprise business space. Finally the company will always work to further the adoption and use of Open Source Software as well as continually working to support the community of developers, companies, foundations, and organizations that have made Open Source Software the growing force in business it has become today.